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New ‘green’ building for soldiers

A NEW accommodation for single personnel in the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) is currently under construction, adopting cost-effective and energy-efficient green building practices. Continue...

Unemployment drops 0.9% in February

THE number of unemployed Bruneians in February was recorded at 14,814, 0.9 per cent lower than the the previous month, the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) reported yesterday. Continue...

Slight drop in job-seekers

THE number of unemployed people among the local population has decreased from 14,950 as of January 2015 to 14,814 as of February 2015, the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) said yesterday. Continue...

‘Muara Port has potential to become a regional hub’

MUARA Port has the potential to capture incoming transshipment from cargo-heavy markets in the East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) and beyond resulting in an increased revenue base and channels for connectivity. Continue...

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 Energy Prices


​Units ​Price ​Change ​%Change ​Contract
​Crude Oil (WTI)
​USD/bbl ​55.74 -0.97
​May 15
​Crude Oil (Brent)
​USD/bbl ​63.45 ​-0.53-0.83%
​May 15
​TOCOM Crude Oil
​JPY/kl ​47,170.00 ​-10.00 ​-0.02% ​Sep 15
​NYMEX Natural Gas
​USD/MMBtu ​2.63 -0.05
​-1.86% ​May 15

 Source: Bloomberg


Do you have any comments, complaints or feedbacks regarding electrical services, oil and gas local business development or any other general queries related to the energy sector? Please tweet or instagram us using #edpmo_complaints or use the online form.


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Recent Complaints

Complaint:Assalamualaikum to EDPMO,
i am writing to ask for things we need to stand for, I am writing on behalf of my colleagues as all of us is not feeling satisfied with our company. We are working as an employee for SPIE Oil & Gas and Working for Total E&P Brunei.. What made we dont feel satisfied is that there is DOUBLE STANDARD PRACTICE  as Bruneian does not gets any respect by the foreigners and Here foreigner's comes first, local stand asides. We work for shift rotation and does not get paid for working during public holiday. Our company keep on terminating experienced people due to no reason and they're local. They ignored what in Brunei Labour Law Handbook even we highlighted to them for any issues that they did not followed. They keep on hiring expatriates besides locals, i can say it's only like 40% of local working and mostly expatriates engineers, supervisors and management. Please EDPMO please find out and help us to ask them to follow brunei rules, They asked us to follow their rules but they didn't followed our country rules. I'm writing just for our right and no to fight.
Date:4/16/2015 10:04 AM
Name:Haryana bte Haji Adam
Complaint:I have been working with SKS -          Syarikat Kejuruteraan Sistematik      Sdn Bhd (Kuala Belait) as a TA cum  HR Assistant since 2007, until the     contract with the company ended/   finished in December 2014. They      should at least roll me over to other potential company or their HQ in     Seria.
I have applied many online and from the new paper advert job vacancy  until now unsuccessful. I have car     loan to pay and other family             personal matter as well.                     Please help me somehow given the opportunities to work in the oil and gas sector again. As I am ready and  available to contribute my vast         knowledge, skills  and experiences   that I have obtain over the pass        years working in the oil and gas        company.
Date:4/3/2015 9:56 AM
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